SEO Quick Competitor Research

Here is a quick video explaining some of the basics for finding out what your competitor is doing on their website.

You need:

1.  Google Chrome (or access to Developer mode on other browsers)

2.  Google

Quick Tips:

1.  Make sure you change your image filenames before you upload them to Shopify.  Use hyphens in between each set of keywords.  Ex:  high-waisted-skinny-jeans-001.jpg . is a solid name for an image.

2.  Add ALT image tags to those images.  Only use 2-3 words and each image should have different keywords set.  Look at our tutorial on Keywords to find the best keywords for your product.

3.  Have a system in place:  Your product description can be simple with bullet points.  Have consistency and include keywords in this.  Look at AE or Fashion Nova's bullets as an example.

Here is a video explaining this a little further: