Building a Section for a Collection

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This app was made to really enhance collections in your Shopify site.  The reason being is that if you rotate products in your store and you have to remove the product, you create a 404 Dead Page, which Google doesn't like.  And to enhance your SEO, you need to change your redirects immediately (known as a 301 redirect).  What that will do is take all of that 'link juice' and move it to another destination.  A lot of companies do a redirect to the home page, but this isn't recommended if you have collections that are grouped under the same category as your product.  When you redirect to the same collection, that becomes the central hub to target your SEO rankings.  

At this point, if you have time, we recommend going into our SEO Tips section to learn about keyword research and planning your SEO for each collection.  If you've already finished that step, here is a tutorial on building a section.

1.  Select the Pages section of the dashboard.

2.  Click on the Select collection button and choose the collection you wish to modify.  If you have a lot of collection names, it might be a good idea to keep track of which collections you've completed. 

3.  Make sure that Published is not checked so that it isn't ready to be visible yet.  

4.  When starting out, we recommend setting it up using the following titles:

Primary Title:   CATEGORY NAME (ex.  Women's Shoes)

Secondary Collection Title:  TOP CATEGORY NAME . (ex.  Top Women's Shoes)

Popular Title:  POPULAR SEARCHES  (This section will be popular products in your other collections that you want to push some link juice to. )

5.  Fill in your description for the collection.  This is where you get to really add content to your site.  Its very important that you do not copy and paste content from another site, otherwise you'll risk getting a penalty from Google for duplicate content.  This description should list major keywords you want to add ranking to, and it should be descriptive and well written so it looks natural.

Here's an example from American Eagle Outfitters for 'jeans'

Spotlight your personality and individual sense of style with American Eagle Outfitters jeans for women. Offering modern styles like straight jeans in super-stretch denim and colored denim jeggings that feel great no matter what you're doing, AEO has what you need to achieve that effortless look (even ripped jeans!). Choose vintage look kick boot jeans that flatter and lengthen, or opt for tomboy jeans that balance the perfect fit with a little extra room where it counts the most. No matter what look you choose, you'll walk the line between boho and on-trend with confidence.

Show your love for the planet by choosing women's jeans from our exclusive Denim Cafe X collection. As part of the Denim X collection, you know they'll fit like a custom-tailored set of pants. It gets better. These jeans come with an eco-friendly twist: Each pair of high-performance Denim Cafe X stretch women's jeans is made using recycled coffee grounds along with other natural materials.

Sport breezy Bohemian style by pairing American Eagle Outfitter Boho Artist Flare jeans with a flowy top and barely-there sandals to feel a refreshing morning breeze. Made with a low rise of just 8.5 inches and a skinny flare leg, these are the ideal women's jeans to wear when you want a modern look with strong vintage influences. Set your quirky free spirit free by pairing them with chunky booties that come up just past the ankle and a beautifully loose Soft and Sexy tee.

Few things are more of a go-to than Favorite Boyfriend jeans. Pair them with your softest sweater and comfy boots for a walk through crunchy fall leaves, or go with a colorful woven top and easy-going sneakers for a trip to the vintage mall. With a low rise and relaxed leg, this denim classic flatters any figure, and they're available in stretch and super-stretch options. Somewhere between the familiar look of jeans and perpetually comfortable leggings are jeggings. They feature traditional jean details like pockets, rivets and distressed detail, but once you're wearing them you might feel like you're wearing nothing at all. We're confident that you'll love them.

From kick boot jeans that feature a slim profile with vintage spirit to women's skinny jeans that embody modern urban style, American Eagle Outfitters complements your personality, fits your lifestyle and keeps you comfortable all day long.

(note:  they are ranked number 1 for the term 'jeans')

6.  Click the Add Link button to the desired number of links for your second section, in our case, Top Women's Styles.  If you click on the 'Keyword' you will get a popup to enter a keyword.  Choose the keyword you want to use that will enhance the SEO on the URL page.  For example, if you are targeting a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, you'll choose the keyword:  Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, and the URL you enter will be the product that has ripped boyfriend jeans.

7.  Need to move them around?  Not a problem!  Just click on the row you want to move and drag and drop within that section. 

8.  Finish the Popular section using the same method as your Secondary Collection, targeting keywords in various collections.  When you are finished, Save your work, set your Published to Enabled, and then you can click the Preview to view the collection page.  (Note:  Preview takes you to the live page, the name is a bit misleading since its already on a live site).

Here is what that section will look like:

**Note:  The color orange is a default color for the overall theme of the website.  The style and color of the horizontal hairlines and the titles can all be customized in the advanced CSS box located i the Settings section.

9.  Congratulations!  You now have a more optimized collection page that will get you and your products higher in rankings.

MOBILE NOTE:  You can choose to hide any element you want in mobile but remember that by doing this, you will limit your mobile rankings.  Because the paragraph is a large amount of space for mobile, I recommend keeping that short.  However, we're working on a feature to display 'mobile only' paragraphs vs. a desktop.