How to install SEO Link Builder

Get the App on the Shopify Store here:

Installing the code snippet is really easy and if you have troubles with the installation and would need help, please contact us at and we assist you.

Here is a step by step tutorial that is outlined in the video above.

1.  Locate the Settings section in the Dashboard our the SEO Page Link Builder App.

2.  If you do not want this immediately published on your live site, uncheck the SEO enabled box so it's empty.  Click Save.

3.  Copy the code AND the opening and closing brackets into your clipboard.  The Custom CSS rules can be modified when you have a page set up (advanced users).

4.  Open up your Online Store... Current theme code.  If you do not feel comfortable editing on a live site, you can make a duplicate of the theme which will be the theme you then use to test the code with.  

5.  Locate your theme.liquid file in the directory and select it.  Find the closing head tag which looks like this:  </head> . You want to place the code somewhere after this tag and above your footer placement.  Each theme is different so it may require some testing and configuration where you put this code.  You can see where we put the code in one of our stores.

Paste the code, then click Save.

6.  If you click on Preview, you should be able to click around each page and see NOTHING at the bottom.  That's a good thing.  If you see anything out of place or visible code, then you'll need to move your code to another area.  If you feel uncomfortable with this, please contact us and we can help you get it sorted out.

Installation is complete!  Please refer to the next section on configuration.